My Story

I used to race professional motocross  and a friend I grew up racing with quit to join Crossfit. I remember thinking he was ridiculously stupid for leaving an adrenaline filled ride for a tame gym environment. The irony of that thought amuses me still.

Fast forward two years and my racing career is non-existent, my talent has dwindled and I'm searching for a way to improve. In enters Crossfit again. I see it as a way to get me back to racing full time and start the training approach thinking I've already experienced the prime of my life.

Fast forward another six years and I've not only quit racing, but I've quit my job to pursue health and wellness. Fitness is now a part of:

  • my everyday decisions
  • what I do for fun
  • my career as a freelancer
  • my job as a coach
  • the family dynamic I've build

I am more healthy, happy and satisfied now than I have ever been and it is my life's purpose to try and bring these results to the lives of everyone I touch. Health is wellness, and fitness is the key to opening the door. Come along with me as I nerd out on:

  • Diet
  • Mindset
  • Behavior
  • Meditation
  • Training
  • Competing
  • Coaching

Meet the Team

Right now I am running the team. I have a host of writers, coaches and professionals I work with, but no additional team members. Could you be the one I'm looking for? If you're interested in seeing your face as part of the team contact me.


Lisa Nichols


The key to success is letting go of expectations and embracing effort.

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Marketing Director

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